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Last Updated: October 5, 2022-Categories: Magazine-

The Internet is full of “do it yourself” instructions, which should lead to success quickly. ICT Mates tell the tips for excellent web design.

  1. Avoid too many different designs

There are moments when we can show our creativity, and there are times when it is better to keep the design simple and straightforward. When designing many different pages on a particular website, we should make them simple. Visitors to a website expect the same color combinations, fonts, logos, etc., on every page and are usually somewhat irritated by different designs. So don’t make the mistake of surprising rather than delighting visitors to your website with different designs and colors, as this can quickly make the site look unprofessional.

  1. Enable the search function

Do you know why Google is so successful and popular with most people? Because Google enables people to find particular terms and information quickly and easily. As designers, we should use this example as our guide. Information on a page should be quick and easy to find. The correct way of doing this is to integrate a so-called “search box” on the page. If a visitor searches for a specified term, he can simply enter it in the corresponding field and quickly find it.

  1. Use special navigation

The purpose of the particular navigation feature is that visitors to the website can see precisely where they are on the site and can quickly jump back up one level. This additional navigation is often a pleasant thing for visitors to a website, as it simplifies the control.

  1. Always avoid out-of-date content

Less means more. Obsolete articles should be regularly removed from a website. When it comes to pass contributions, they can be renewed. Leaving them on the page often causes many visitors not to visit the page a second time. For example, if you visit a blog and see that it was 4 years ago it was last posted, would you visit that blog again? Probably not. This makes the reader assume that nobody cares about the page anymore, so it is rather uninteresting.

  1. Get rid of dead links

Links must also be removed if they are no longer available. Links that no longer exist are very unprofessional and annoying. They should permanently be removed and replaced with new ones if necessary.

Your website is by far the most important thing keeping your business running in the digital world. Make sure you have all these things covered.